In the first version of the app, you have the below features

  • Fully offline

    It is not using any server to send or receive or encrypt your messages

  • Send encrypted messages as text or image

    You can encrypt your messages and send them as text (random words) or image (choose any image from your device gallery).

  • Destruction code

    You can set a destruction code for your app. If you use this code for login, all data in the app will purge, and then it will show the main page of the app

  • Save or delete your incoming messages

    You can save or delete your incoming message after you see the decrypted message in the app.

  • Passcode for login

    You can set a passcode for login

  • Save encrypted messages into an image and save them on your device.

    You can save the encrypted message in an image and save it on your local device for use in the future.



Nahoft is free and will stay free — no ads, no subscription fees, forever. To support Nahoft, donate to United for Iran.


Nahoft has gone through two rounds of comprehensive penetration testing by Cure53 researchers and experts, and their recommendations for improving its security were adopted.

Open Source

Nahoft is an open source software, and anyone can read its source code

How to send an encrypted message

  • Save your friend's name
  • Send your public key
  • Receive your friend's public key
  • Write message and send it